Thoughts Crossing The Ocean, 2014

Manzanita wood, Ebony wood, and Lacewood

24" H x 7" W x 4.5" D

This sculpture was inspired by The Hevreh Ensemble's first trip to Germany. Though she was nervous about the venture, Laurie's worries about the experience gradually lifted away when she arrived. She became an observer, immersing herself in the sights and sounds of the city. The broken olive branch in the middle of the Jewish Scroll represents the broken trust as a result of the atrocities of World War II. The scroll morphs into a vague, undulating figure, which represents Laurie becoming lighter and less burdened by hate over the course of her journey.

During this trip, Laurie visited Beethoven's home in Bonn, Germany. The side of the sculpture is inlaid with Beethoven's original manuscript, in his handwriting.

The smooth top of the piece represents the ocean - the beautiful physical expanse that Laurie crossed in order to go through this transformation.