Laurie Friedman-Adler has been making art for over thirty years.  Her sculptures are highly experiential and responsive; they are her reply to major tragedies and triumphs of humanity.  Laurie is interested in scale; some pieces appear minimal and abstract at first, but close inspection reveals tiny representative details—planes, ribcages, the broken mast of a boat.  Some pieces take eight years to make, while others are completed within a year.  All are inspired by our life on this planet and make use of the world’s beautiful natural materials.

Laurie is an accomplished musician, composer, and professor of music at Hofstra University and Brooklyn College Academy, holding a Master's degree from CUNY Brooklyn College and a Bachelor's degree from Manhattan School of Music.  Along with teaching clarinet and various traditional and non-traditional instruments, she coaches woodwind ensembles, chamber music and has lectured, taught graduate seminars, and written many original narratives based on classic literature. 

Laurie's sculptures are a lifelong parallel pursuit. 

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